Complete service offering

Great service is incredibly important. MAJNABBE offers premium spare parts for your engines. Our sister-company SWESERV can also offer you a fully equipped workshop, field service, major overhauls as well as tailor made repair systems.

Ability to deliver

Being able to deliver is a crucial part of any service offering. At MAJNABBE we take this very seriously. Our sister-company SWESERV can help in providing great service whenever or wherever you are in the world.

SWESERV are quick, flexible and cost-efficient, while providing a personal experience at the same time. And just to be on the safe side, their insurance covers damages up to 5,000,000 USD.


SWESERV offers a fully equipped workshop for service, overhaul or repair of engines and engine parts. Logistically well planned and spacious, it allows for a rational and effective flow of complete engines or engine parts.

A new cleaning cell with closed media circuits combines effective cleaning while meeting high environmental requirements. All activities are carried out in accordance with ISO-9001:2015 based quality assurance systems.

Field service

SWESERV are specialists on marine and land-based installations. The field service is carried out by an experienced team. They cooperate with Swedish field service specialists, offering comprehensive hands-on practice from most modern four stroke diesel engines. Together they have a vast and versatile experience of marine and land-based installations.

SWESERV’s flexibility and positive attitude are appreciated by the customers. All jobs and activities are carried out in accordance with ISO-9001:2015 based quality assurance systems.

Overhauls & turn key solutions

SWESERV has acquired a long experience in all aspects of engine room related activities. That is why they can offer you complete turn key solutions for major overhauls, repairs or re-engineering projects.

Leave it to SWESERV and they will take care of it. Planning, manpower, parts, logistics and more. All jobs and activities are carried out in accordance with our ISO-9001:2015 based quality assurance system.

Tailor made exchange systems

SWESERV offers complete repair boxes, stored on ships to save time. This service is offered for selected engines, so called “swing sets”. It is often carried out when time for overhaul is scarce and the distance too long.

The specially designed boxes come with complete sets of parts, depending on the level of overhaul or repair. Typically, one box is needed for each cylinder unit, with all items ready to be installed. Afterwards the exchanged parts are to be well stowed in the boxes and returned to the company.

Technical services

Benefit from SWESERV’s deep knowledge of specific engines. Their team of experienced engineers are in daily contact with customers and other market actors. Assisting and supporting in solving problems of various complexity and nature.

Their specialist background with leading engine manufacturers has given them a diversified yet deep knowledge and understanding in the field of medium speed diesel engines.

SWESERV – our service company

Want to learn more about SWESERV’s service offering? Visit SWESERV, our sister-company. They perform highly skilled and competitive services of your diesel engines.

The Scandinavian Way

MAJNABBE is a company with a strong Swedish legacy. Our values shape who we are and what we stand for. It also shapes your experience as a customer, when doing business with us.

Customers of all sizes

Every customer is equally as important at MAJNABBE. That is why we welcome and value all customers, regardless of size. Making sure that we provide a quality delivery – from start to finish.

A global company

MAJNABBE is a global company, with a global customer base. We are a world-wide supplier of spare parts for medium speed engines. Delivering to 800 customers in every corner of the earth.

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