About us

MAJNABBE is a global supplier of premium spare parts. We are a Swedish company with a global reach. For 50 years we have been offering premium spare parts for medium speed engines.

Fueled by good relationships

Started in 1965, one thing is clear. We are in it for the long run. And there is only one thing that we love more than long lasting engines, and that is long lasting relationships.

From its humble beginnings in Gothenburg, MAJNABBE has turned itself into a world-wide supplier of spare parts for medium speed engines. Delivering to 800 customers in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Dubai and beyond. MAJNABBE is truly global.

There is no big secret behind our company journey. We have simply been focusing on what we know best, whether we work as technical specialists, service engineers or commercial managers. Specialists at heart, we are striving for a quality experience for you as a customer. It translates into quick response times, superior support and, of course, a quality delivery of spare parts – in close partnership with our sister-company SWESERV.

50 years has passed since MAJNABBE first saw the light of day. But our passion for lasting customer relationships is stronger than ever.

The Scandinavian Way

MAJNABBE is a company with a strong Swedish legacy. Our values shape who we are and what we stand for. It also shapes your experience as a customer, when doing business with us.

Customers of all sizes

Every customer is equally as important at MAJNABBE. That is why we welcome and value all customers, regardless of size. Making sure that we provide a quality delivery – from start to finish.

A global company

MAJNABBE is a global company, with a global customer base. We are a world-wide supplier of spare parts for medium speed engines. Delivering to 800 customers in every corner of the earth.

Meet our management Team

Oscar Björlin

Sales Manager

Majnabbe in numbers