A global supplier of premium spare parts

MAJNABBE is a Swedish company with a global reach. For 50 years we have been offering premium spare parts for your engines. A business fueled by good relationships.

Original spare parts for classic Wärtsilä engines

MAJNABBE have chosen to partner up with the best. QuantiParts is a Wärtsilä company, dedicated to the support of classic Wärtsilä engines. Majnabbe is appointed as QuantiParts global distributor for NOHAB-engines, and regional distributor of QuantiParts complete portfolio in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Together with our large stock, this gives us the opportunity to provide you with a quality customer experience. Always with your needs in focus.

Close partnerships

As a result of a long and persistent sourcing strategy we are able to use exclusively top of the line manufacturers from Europe. Long-time partners include Bosch, Miba, Märkisches Werk and of course our sister company SWESERV.

We are able to offer spare parts for large engines with Bosch certified quality.

The preferred supplier of engine bearings for European engine manufacturers since decades.

Developing and producing cylinder head components for large-bore combustion engines.

Close partnerships

We are Quantiparts global distributor for NOHAB-engines and regional distributor for the classic Wärtsilä-engines in Quantiparts portfolio. Other long-time partners includes Bosch, Miba, Märkisches Werk and of course our sister company SWESERV

Spare parts for large engines with Bosch-certified quality.

Official distributor of original parts for QuantiParts engines.

Spare parts for large engines with Bosch-certified quality.

Customer-centric approach

We provide you with a quality customer experience. It means that you are the center of everything we do. Translating into quick responses, speedy deliveries and a customer-oriented mindset. Our customer-centric approach means that:

We love reaching out

Free of charge, no strings attached

We welcome all customers

No one is too big or small for us

We are trustworthy

We are punctual, thorough and keep our promises

We are global

For us, it doesn’t matter where you are based in the world

A quality experience

Quality is at the forefront at MAJNABBE. Not only do we offer premium spare parts for Wärtsilä and Nohab engines. We also provide you with a quality customer experience.

The Scandinavian Way

MAJNABBE is a company with a strong Swedish legacy. Our values shape who we are and what we stand for. It also shapes your experience as a customer, when doing business with us.

Customers of all sizes

Every customer is equally as important at MAJNABBE. That is why we welcome and value all customers, regardless of size. Making sure that we provide a quality delivery – from start to finish.

A global company

MAJNABBE is a global company, with a global customer base. We are a world-wide supplier of spare parts for medium speed engines. Delivering to 800 customers in every corner of the earth.

Save money and time using our shortcut

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Value throughout the life cycle

We always make sure to offer cost-effective solutions. Our focus is not only your immediate needs, but the entire life cycle of your engine and the investment that it is. And to make sure that you only get the best spare parts, we have a close relationship with the best makers in the world, Bosch included.

Case Studies

Helping our customers

How we helped Company Y

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MAJNABBE in a nutshell

By choosing MAJNABBE, you can be sure of always getting the best service on the market. Together with the best spare parts for your engines. We would love to have you on board.

Sourcing from top suppliers

Low overhead costs

Best value for money

Quality service

What you get with us

We are not the types to brag, but there are a few things that really make us stand out. Not least when it comes to how we can be here for you, providing professional and dedicated help.

Complete service and product package

We are available 24 hours a day, whenever you need us. And regardless of the size of your company.

24/7 access to factory support

We have access to factory support and original blueprints due to our partnership with QuantiParts – a Wärtsilä company dedicated to classic engines.

100% focus on your engines

We are highly specialized. Focusing on selected engines means that we really know what we are doing.

Management System Certificate

The management system of Majnabbe Motor Diesel Service AB/ SweServ AB at Signalgatan 7, 442 40, Kungälv, Sweden
has been found to conform to the Quality Management System standard: ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

This certificate is valid for the following scope: Sales and manufacturing of engine spare parts and service of engines.